Wild Greens Certified Organic Green Superfood Adaptogen Powder – 22+ Amazing Organic Foods – Reishi, Ashwagandha, Maca, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Bitter Melon – Naturally Flavored

Price: $24.99

Wild Greens – USDA Certified Organic green superfood powder is packed with 22+ organic mixed greens, algae, adaptogens, and fiber to provide an amazing nutrient-dense, delicious green juice drink mix. It’s more than just greens, Wild Green’s adaptogen blend of Ashwagandha, Reishi and Maca supports circulation, stress reduction, enhanced cognition, and normal thyroid function. Wild Greens is all natural and contains no artificial ingredients, fillers, or dyes.🌿CONCENTRATED ANTIOXIDANTS: Restore your vibrance with a convenient, daily dose of plant-based powerful antioxidants. Wild Green’s PH balancing blend of spirulina, chlorella, vegetables, and greens is a delicious way to promote anti-aging, increase energy and focus, and boost immune function.
🌿ADAPTOGENIC STRESS REDUCING BLEND: Wild Green’s is more than just greens, our adaptogen blend is designed to help elevate mood, reduce stress, and support healthy circulation. We use the highest concentrated, bioavailable Ashwagandha KSM-66 on the market in combination with immunity boosting Reishi Mushroom and circulation supporting Maca Root. The perfect fatigue fighting blend for modern men and women.
🌿NATURAL DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Wild Green’s plant-based natural fiber blend slows down digestion to allow for maximum nutrient absorption, while helping to level blood sugar and soothe the gut.
🌿USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Superfoods are only super for you if they are free of chemicals.
🌿ALL NATURAL NUTRITION WITH NOTHING TO HIDE: TRUWILD believes that taking your body to the next level has always been found in nature, not in a lab. With no synthetic ingredients, fillers, or chemicals Wild Greens is Gluten Free, Vegan, Non GMO and made in the USA.

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