Vita Flex, E and Selenium Balanced Essential Antioxidants – 4lbs, 64 Day Supply

Price: $33.31 - $29.17

Vita Flex E & Selenium is a balanced supplement of vitamin E and selenium for optimum equine health. Many soils in the U.S. and Canada are chronically selenium deficient. Feedstuffs grown in these soils may provide inadequate amounts of selenium in the daily diet. Vita Flex E & Selenium is a premium quality supplement, which can contribute to the correction of nutrient deficiencies.Vita Flex E & Selenium helps reduce free radical damage to the body with balanced levels that can enhance the antioxidant activity of a wide variety of equine diets.
Vitamin E and selenium support and protect each other for maximum efficacy
Palatable & Easy to Feed
Blended with a quality yeast culture base
64 day supply, 4 pound

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