Logos Nutritionals – Fluid Ease – Safe and All Natural Diuretic with Dandelion 4:1 Concentrate Blended with Herbs and Vitamins

Price: $13.00

Whether you are trying to achieve a slimmer beltline, waistline or flatter tummy, or reducing the swelling in your hands and feet, it is important to do it the right way. Our bodies were made to retain water as needed, but with our different diets and pharmacology drug use, we all have different levels of water retention. Ease water retention naturally with this proven and safe NON-GMO formula that is produced in an NSF certified GMP facility. Logos Nutritionals Fluid Ease is a synergistic blend of 9 natural diuretics and added vitamin support. Avoid the side effects of prescription based water retention pills and try Fluid Ease today.FIND RELIEF FROM SWELLING AND BLOATING Caused By Water Retention
LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY Without Losing Essential Vitamins and Minerals in The Process
LOGOS NUTRITIONALS LLC Maintains the Highest Standards and Only Uses A NSF GMP certified Manufacturer
Much Safer than Prescription Diuretics and Without The Side Effects
Non-GMO Formula

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