HighKey Keto Food Low Carb Granola Cereal & Clusters – Gluten Free Snacks & Breakfast Foods – Treats – Zero Added Sugar, High Protein Nut Snack – Diabetic, Paleo Healthy Diet Friendly Products

Price: $12.98

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DELICIOUS HEALTHY BREAKFAST WITH ONLY 2G OF NET CARBS: With no gluten, no grain, non gmo and zero artificial sweeteners, this nourishing, powerful mix of pumpkin, chia, flax, and sunflower seeds with almonds, turmeric, and collagen have all the familiar texture and great taste of crunchy granola without the unnecessary carbohydrates, dairy and sugar. Good food from great ingredients – great for a variety of diets like keto, diabetics, paleo, south beach, gluten-free, low-carb, and more.
ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE SNACK ON THE GO: Making healthy choices while eating on the go can be tough. HighKey Low Carb Keto Granola is sealed in safe and resealable packaging that fits perfectly in your backpack or lunchbox. Enjoy with Cold or Hot Almond Milk or Heavy Cream for the perfect keto cereal to keep you in ketosis or as a healthy guilt free whole30 snack!
HIGH IN FIBER & NATURALLY SWEETENED: This granola cereal has 3g of dietary fiber and is made with our HighKey Natural Sweetener Blend which includes raw sweeteners from monk fruit, stevia, allulose, and erythritol, which rank low on the glycemic index to create a delicious sweet, keto breakfast treat without any of the guilt!
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