Dutch Chocolate Keto Shake – Low Carb High Fat Keto Meal Replacement Shake – MCT Oil Powder – Grass-Fed Whey – Collagen Protein – Tastes Great Mixes Easily – Keto Diet Approved… (Bottle)

Price: $49.75 - $39.95

Keto+ Shake: A Premium Keto Meal Anytime Anywhere

After helping over 40,000 people on the keto diet the #1 request we received was for a quick and easy keto shake to make snacktime and meal time simple and easy.

We’re proud to offer you a perfectly balanced keto shake with the wholesome all-natural ingredients you want and none of the junk found in other “keto” shakes. PLUS, it tastes delicious!

Each Keto Shake contains the following all-natural ingredients:

Grass-Fed Whey Protein to help protect and strengthen lean muscle

Collagen Peptides for healthy gut, bones, joints, nails, hair, and skin 

MCT Oil to provide healthy and satiating fats that are quickly converted into ketones

Prebiotic Acacia Fiber to keep your gut healthy and your appetite down

Electrolytes and Trace Minerals that are essential on a keto diet like sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium

20mg Organic Caffeine to curb your appetite and boost energy levels.

Our Keto Shake Provides*:

  • Instant Keto Nutrition
  • Blend of Whey & Collagen Protein
  • High Quality Fats from MCT Oil
  • Electrolytes and Trace Minerals
  • Real Dutch Cocoa Powder
  • 20mg of Organic Caffeine
  • ZERO Added Sugars, Fillers or Artificial Ingredients
  • ZERO Corn Fiber, Dextrose, or Gums
  • 70% Fat | 25% Protein | 5% Net Carbs

Made in the USA and Money-Back Guarantee. This Keto Shake is a perfect snack or meal replacement shake and mixes instantly in water, nut milk, coffee or your favorite beverage. Add to Your Cart Today!

😋DELICIOUS AND 100% KETO – This is the quick easy and delicious keto shake you’ve been looking for – With each sip you’ll enjoy the real dutch cocoa and silky smooth finish while banishing hunger – And with 70% Fat 25% Protein and 5% Net Carbs you’ll have no problem staying in ketosis and hitting your macros – This low carb shake may end up one of the best protein shakes you’ve ever had
✅HIGH QUALITY FATS & PROTEIN – These delicious keto meal replacement shakes are perfect for those on a keto diet – Each serving contains 12g of all-natural Protein from grass-fed whey and collagen – 15g of high quality Fat from MCT Oil – Plus Prebiotic Acacia Fiber to keep you full and satisfied so you won’t be tempted by non keto diet snacks – ZERO Junk – ZERO Added Sugar – 100% Keto Shake Mix
✅GREAT AS A HOT COCOA, ICED SHAKE, OR IN YOUR MORNING COFFEE – You’ll be amazed how quick and easy it is to mix this perfectly balanced keto meal in ice water, unsweetened almond milk or your morning coffee – It also makes a great Hot Keto Cocoa – No need for a blender or shaker – Try it for breakfast, pre or post workout, or anytime you want a keto friendly meal to go – Just mix, drink, and stay keto! You won’t be disappointed
🚀ADDED ELECTROLYTES and CAFFEINE – This isn’t just any ordinary keto protein shake – We’ve included advanced electrolytes and trace minerals PLUS 20mg of organic caffeine to curb cravings boost energy and keep you in control of your keto diet throughout the day
✅LOVE IT or YOUR MONEY BACK – We’ve helped over 40K people on the ketogenic diet – If you’re not 100% satisfied just let us know and we’ll refund your money immediately – Contact us at https://ketofunction.com/pages/contact-us – We would love to hear from you!

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