Cute Nutrition Chocolate Brownie Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss Control & Energy for Women High Protein Low Calorie Low Sugar 500g tub

Price: $22.99

Why Buy Cute Nutrition?

Cute Nutrition is designed, created and run by women so we know that you feel great, when you look great! Our nutritional products contain all the key vitamins and minerals you need to aid your weight loss and keep you feeling confident. Cute Nutrition products are easy and convenient to use, that’s why we now have over half a million Cuties using and loving our products worldwide!

What is the product?

Our super tasty, low calorie, low sugar shakes are available in 5 different flavours. Great for cuties on the go and looking for a convenient way to support their weight loss! Which flavour are you going to try? Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate Brownie, Ice Cream Sandwich, Cinnamon Bun or Vanilla Ice Cream!

How to use?

Simply mix 1 heaped scoop to 8oz of skimmed milk, water or unsweetened nut based milk and shake to create a smooth consistency. Use as a quick meal on the go or to replace your usual sweet treat! If you’re a cutie who doesn’t have such a sweet tooth just add a little more milk or use water to create your shake! To create a filling smoothie, add 1 scoop of Cute Nutrition shake powder into a blender with your chosen milk & with your choice of fruit and some oats or granola to create a delicious nutrient filled smoothie ready for any time of day!SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS AND BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE Support your weight loss by substituting one to two meals per day with our delicious easy to make shakes! Designed by women, for women, to aid you on your fitness journey. Cute Nutrition is all about making you feel confident. We like to think Strong, Not Skinny!
ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS The perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to keep you looking and feeling your best. Our Meal Replacement Shakes give you the essential nutrients you need kick start your weight loss journey and maintain a healthy balanced diet!
SWEET TOOTH? NO PROBLEM Satisfy your sweet cravings with a tasty, low calorie alternative. Switch out your usual sweet treat or 1-2 meals per day to kick-start your weight loss journey!
NUTRITION DESIGNED FOR WOMEN Our Meal Replacement Shakes are created for women to ensure you get all the essential nutrients you need in a meal.
VEGGIE FRIENDLY AND MADE IN THE US Our shakes are veggie friendly to make sure we cater for your dietary needs! We also source our shakes from a family run supplier to make sure we support small businesses, right here in the US!

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