Bariatric Advantage – Meal Replacements Vanilla, 35 Serving Bag

Price: $69.99

Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement HPMR features high-quality whey protein isolate with 27 g of protein, 1.5 to 2.5 grams of fat,150-160 calories,11 grams of carbohydrates (6 from fiber and 1 g sugar),and 20+ essential vitamins and minerals.Ideal support fortwo-week pre-operative weight loss surgery prep or post-operative use. Available in 9 delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Orange Cream, Banana, Iced Latte, Crème, and Chocolate Peppermint (Chocolate Peppermint available in 35 svg bags only).Each 150 to 160 calorie serving provides a full 27g of protein, with only 7g of carbohydrate and 1.5 g of fat
Lactose-free to best support those who have issues with the digestion of milk sugar
Fortified with between 15 and 50 percent of the DV for 23 essential vitamins and minerals
Comes in an economic 35-serving bag with a measured scoop to make accurate dispensing easy

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