100 Smoothie Recipes for Perfectly Life: Sip Up to Tasty, Massive Energy & Feeling Great, Diet, Detox & Weight Loss


Do you want to get rid of stubborn body fat?

Do you want to shed off a couple of pounds without hard workouts?

If Yes, then this is the best read for you!

So many people who intend to lose weight do not know what the right ratio of ingredients for a tasty smoothie is. Well, you have nothing to worry about because we have you covered.

With the right green vegetable smoothie recipes packed with essential nutrients that will keep your body healthy while still burning excess fat, you are sure to achieve your weight loss goals. These smoothies are a must-add to your weight loss menu. They will not only keep you full but will add a kick of daily energy boost.

One thing that you have to realize is that smoothies are an incredible health strategy for a lasting weight loss. The trick is to know which smoothies are right for you and doing it right! In fact, according to nutritionists, incorporating a nutrient-dense smoothie to your diet can help fill you up, keep the weight off and hence, promote weight loss. This is mainly because they are loaded with fiber and muscle-building proteins!

Trust me, it does not take long to prep these smoothies for a burst of flavor and energy. These smoothie recipes are your go-to powerhouse with nutritional value without adding empty calories.

This is smoothie recipe book contains:

Benefits of smoothie lifestyle

•Tips for creating better smoothies

•Breakfast smoothies

•Berry smoothies

•Green smoothies

•Vegan smoothies

•Low-carb smoothies

•Detox & superfood smoothies

This is definitely your ultimate motivational diet book for a smoothie-weight loss.

So, what are you still waiting for? Let’s get right to it and start losing weight for a healthier lifestyle.

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